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Lucky Number :    5 1 4 6
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1911 1923 1935 1947 1959
1971 1983 1995 2007 2019
Lucky Number : 4693, 1746, 0331
Characteristic : You are a splendid companion, an intellectual with a very strong need to set difficult goals and carry them out. You are sincere, tolerant, and honest but by expecting the same from others, you are incredibly naive.
Overall Forecast : Pig is said to be offending the presiding god of the year in this year, meaning that you would feel restless and your relationship would be unstable.
Career Destiny : Despite your offence against the presiding god of the year this year, your luck isn't all that bad in career.
Financial Destiny : You have fair good luck of wealth but you have to secure your those otherwise you can get nothing at the end.
Health Destiny : You are likely to have injuries particularly in the lower limb, hips, face and teeth.
Love Destiny : Originally having joyful events but something bad will happen and make you feel restless.
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