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The Rat 2013

Generally, the Water Snake energy of 2013 is considered to be a bit challenging for the Rat. 2013 can still be a successful year for business and career endeavours, as well as personal relationships because it will bring many opportunities for change. Metal and Water Rats can do the best this year because of element compatibility.

To strengthen career luck, Rat people can look into feng shui career success tips and cures and choose ones that work best with the birth element. For example, if your birth element is Wood, choose a Water element (blue or black) rather than a Fire element (red or purple) feng shui decor item.

2013 can be both a good year for attracting or strengthening a major love relationship, as well as a year to experience being by yourself. It all depends on how the Rat people will use the many opportunities coming their way. The advice is to stay centred and focused on one's values and ideals, and, when clear, use feng shui love cures in your bedroom or your living room. Not taking a love relationship for granted and paying attention to your close circle of people will help smooth the overall 2013 love energy rhythms.

In 2013 Rat people will continue to experience volatility in their personal energy levels. A good advice is to follow health feng shui tips and bring health feng shui decor cures, such as the Medicine Buddha, or a Wu Lou for calming, healthy energy. Alternatively, look for strong, vibrant art images with potent energy that strengthen your personal energy; images you feel attracted to, be it mountain tops, forests or open vistas.

You can also look into good feng shui jewelry, be it with crystals and stones that work best for you (check the feng shui properties of crystals), or jewelry that employs various auspicious classical feng shui symbols, such as Pi Yao, the Dzi beads, Double Happiness or an amulet with your own Chinese zodiac sign.

Know when and how to take the time off, so that your personal energy is replenished and rejuvenated. Do not forget to take good care of your feng shui health trinity at home and enjoy a beautiful and successful 2013!

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