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The Tiger 2013

The Water Snake energy of 2013 can be slightly challenging for the Tiger. You will still experience vibrant health and enjoyable relationships in 2013, but you will have to practice caution and patience in order to enjoy all the benefits of 2013. To maximize available opportunities, as well as attract even more, be sure to strengthen all beneficial energies in your life by applying good feng shui in your home and office.

To assure the promised good outlook for your sign in 2013, use feng shui good luck and protection cures with the energy of blessings, such as Kwan Yin, for example, or the Laughing Buddha. It is also a good idea to stabilize the wealth energy coming your way with good feng shui prosperity cures, be it a wealth vase, a money tree, a wealth ship or a red tassel with Chinese coins.

The same good outlook extends to the love life of Tiger people; nourishing and exciting relationships abound. You can further strengthen your love luck with such popular feng shui love cures as the Double Happiness sign, the Mandarin ducks or 2 rose quartz hearts. Of course, it goes without saying that creating (and keeping!) good feng shui in your bedroom, as well as regularly checking the flow of energy in your home is always important.

The energy is there for you to experience vibrant health and good levels of energy in 2013. Be sure this energy is welcomed by good feng shui in your home, particularly with feng shui health cures in your health area, as well as the living room. A vibrant lucky bamboo or the Wu Lou (Chinese gourd) can be excellent feng shui cures for you.

Specific feng shui crystals in jewelry or as feng shui amulets always bring benefits, especially since everyone's energy, no matter how good, tends to fluctuate throughout the day. Crystals such as Tiger's eye (of course!), citrine and pyrite are especially beneficial for the Tiger.

With all the positive outlook for 2013, be wise and make a point of not getting carried away. Stay on your feet, avoid conflicts and always watch your personal energy. Avoid getting emotional (or stubborn), and a beautiful 2013 is yours to enjoy!

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