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The Snake 2013

The Water Snake energy of 2013 is predicted to have both beneficial, as well as challenging energy for Snake people, especially in career and professional life. A better outlook is seen in your health and love relationship areas, so it is not all challenging for you in 2013. With the right use of feng shui cures and by taking the risk to be more open - in both personal and professional life - you might reverse the potential negative energies of the year.

This is not the year for you to take risks, neither in your career, nor in your money management strategies. Take extra care of the challenging Center area of your home by placing there a salt water cure. The Chi Lin cure can work there, too. Also pay attention to the West area by decorating it with colours of the Water feng shui element.

You can enjoy considerable luck in your love life in 2013, so be sure to have a good feng shui bedroom, as well as adorn your home (in a subtle way, of course!) with appropriate feng shui for love cures. Choose from peony flowers (if single); romantic art, rose quarts hearts, or the more traditional Chinese feng shui cures such as the Double Happiness sign or the Mandarin ducks.

Snakes are predicted to have good health in 2013, although, the state of your health in 2013 will much depend on your inner calm and a strong personal (emotional) energy. Create calm, healthy energy in your home, use the power of vibrant plants, fountains, crystals and essential oils to keep the energy fresh and flowing.

Look for crystals and jewelry designs with calming, energy strengthening properties. Crystals such as Hematite, multicoloured Tourmaline, Malachite, Jasper and Carnelian are just a few of many feng shui crystals to help you take good care of your energy. Explore feng shui good luck and protection cures and see which ones you can carry as a personal amulet.

You can experience a good 2013 if you remember to stay calm and do your best to open up emotionally, especially in your personal life.

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