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The Goat 2013

A relatively good year, with many ups and downs, is the promise of 2013 for Goat people. There will be helpful energy for you to explore and build upon in your professional life, as well as in creating a stronger financial foundation for yourself. Some feng shui attention is needed to avoid conflicts in personal life.

If you stand strongly on your own feet and not rush into action, you will be able to use the energy available to you wisely. Career growth and recognition are all possible for you this year, just opt for calm, well-thought action. Use feng shui cures to help strengthen the energy of career success, as well as wealth cures. 2013 is the year of being careful, being grateful for all the good moments, and trusting that challenging times will definitely change for the better.

The energy of your love life can go through many ups and downs in 2013, so creating a calm, harmonious home - especially a good feng shui bedroom - should help smooth the ride. Take good care of the East bagua area of your home by implementing the feng shui cures East needs in 2013. Make an extra effort to control your temper this year. The energy of Kwan Yin can bring the desired energy of calm and protection.

Support your good health by proper attention to the feng shui health trinity in your home, as well as applying various feng shui health tips. Look into such popular cures as essential oils, air purifying plants, good feng shui art, etc.

The Pi Yao can be the best feng shui energizer and protector for you in 2013. You can also explore properties of various feng shui crystals and stones and use them as jewelry or personal amulets. Because your personal energy will tend to be low this year, make an extra effort to take good care of yourself at any given time, no matter where you are. This means basic steps from eating good food and exercising to surrounding yourself with good feng shui, both at home and at the office.

2013 will bring you many challenges, but also many opportunities to build a solid future. Be sure to take good care of your energy and make the best of each and every day.

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