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The Monkey 2013

A spectacular year is in store for Monkey people. Career success, financial abundance and an overflow of auspicious luck - it all sounds really good. There might be challenging energy expressing itself as tension in personal relationships; but with this tension also come many opportunities to considerably improve your love life. Staying practical and open minded will help attract many auspicious possibilities.

Many opportunities to create wealth will be there for Monkey people in 2013. To make the best use of this energy, use various feng shui wealth cures. Focus on feng shui cures with a strong earth element in them such as various crystals, the Dzi beads or the gem tree. You career is ready to soar, so strengthen this energy with proper feng shui cures for career success.

The energy in your personal relationships shows an abundance of opportunities - to both strengthen an existing relationship, or easily leave one that is not working for you and find a truly better one. Nourish the energy of love in your home with a good feng shui bedroom, as well as with your choice of feng shui love cures. The presence of Kwan Yin or the Medicine Buddha in your feng shui relationships area (Southwest bagua area) can bring calming, protective energy.

A balanced energy in the feng shui health trinity of your home will help you stay calm and healthy, so keep a good eye on it throughout the year. In addition, look into popular feng shui cures for better health such as essential oils, air purifying plants, good feng shui art, crystals, etc. As long as you manage to keep your emotions in check, you should enjoy an excellent year of vibrant health.

The main focus in your feng shui efforts is to create calm, serene, down-to-earth energy. You can do that with various crystals, such as citrine, carnelian, jasper, moonstone and clear quartz in jewelry or as personal amulets. Using good feng shui images that help you stay centered and calm is also a good idea.

2013 brings excellent energy to Monkey people. With the proper focus on 2 main tools - plenty of calm and a simple, down to earth, practical approach to all events - you can make this a great year to remember.

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