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The Rooster 2013

An excellent year is in store for the lucky Rooster. Plenty of good luck energy, success and prosperity are all predicted to come your way in 2013. Being mindful of the need to balance the strong/yang energy with the gentle and nourishing yin energy is the key to your absolute success this year, be it in business, relationships or in exploring totally new vistas. With full awareness and presence, this can become a very transformative year for you. The world is truly your oyster in 2013, dear Rooster!

To strengthen and re-affirm the wealth and success energy coming your way, consider decorating your home or office with career success and wealth feng shui cures. The feng shui crystal tree is also recommend to you.

Your energy is very strong and focused this year, so the only downside of it can express in being overly aggressive, demanding or even show anger in personal relationships. Of course, this can negatively affect any relationship in your life, especially an intimate love relationship. Staying calm and connected to your feelings, choosing best people to associate with, as well as going with the flow is the advice for you in 2013. This should not be that hard, dear Rooster, since this flow is bringing you so much luck! Focus on attracting and strengthening the flow of love with various feng shui love cures.

Taking good care of the feng shui health trinity in your home will help keep your energy balanced and calm. Consider using such popular feng shui cures for better energy as essential oils, air purifying plants, good feng shui art, crystals, etc.

As your personal energy is very strong this year, the main focus in your feng shui efforts is to bring more calm, serene and clear energy. This will help balance the strong yang chi that can become destructive without its counterpart - the slow and gentle, nourishing yin energy. You can do that with crystals, such as aquamarine, turquoise, celestite, clear quartz, etc in jewelry or as personal amulets.

2013 promises to be an exceptional year for you, Rooster, make the best of it!

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