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The Pig 2013

A successful year is in store for Pig people. Plenty of good luck and auspicious energy are there for you, especially if you learn to make the best of all opportunities coming our way. 2013 is a good year to continue to learn one of your major lessons - how to keep helping people - something you love to do! - and at the same time take good care of your own needs. You have to be sure to take good care of your energy and not exhaust yourself. Use feng shui cures as needed to neutralize any negative energy and strengthen the positive one.

The abundance of opportunities coming to you in 2013 will help attract and grow wealth by progressing your career. Choose wealth and career success cures as needed - meaning choose the feng shui cures you feel really drawn to - and trust your judgement.

2013 comes with the continuation of the same lesson you were going through in the previous year - to be a bit more cautious in dealing with people. A slowness of response will help you make best decisions when it comes to new or old relationships, as well as protect you from possible disappointments. Take good care of the East area in 2013 with the proper feng shui cures.

The 2013 predictions indicate that your inner energy (Chi) might be a bit vulnerable this year. Thus, your focus should be on nourishing your energy and maintaining a dynamic, active balance. It is important to take time off and replenish yourself, otherwise you might exhaust your energy and miss many opportunities. Implement the feng shui health cures of your liking, take good care of the feng shui health trinity in your home, and be sure to make space for your innermost self. Create your own altar, start a regular meditation practice, etc.

Your focus in 2013 is on supporting and strengthening your energy. Feng shui-wise, you can always do that with a nourishing environment, as well as by using various crystals. Amethyst, black tourmaline, celestite and aquamarine can bring strengthening benefits to you this year. Employ them as personal amulets or find jewelry with the crystals you need. Be sure your North bagua area is treated with proper feng shui attention this year.

2013 brings very promising, and at the same time a bit challenging energy to Pig people. As long as you remember to take good care of your energy and not exhaust yourself, you can truly benefit from all the great opportunities.

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