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The Rooster 2012

Overall Fortune
Overall Rooster expects to have a prosperous year in 2012. With the help from others you will make substantial progress in both your career and finance. Try to grasp opportunities when they come. 2012 is not a good year to enter into a business partnership. You expect to have more expenditures and you should be wary of theft. Do not get involved in any affairs that may cause the disharmony of your family.

Money Management and Investment
Rooster's financial status expects to improve in 2012. It is important for you to manage your finance well. Be wary of any unforeseen money loss. Watch out when you sign documents to avoid losses because of oversight.

Methods of improving your fortune: Put a plant in your room or office.

Relationship and Marriage
For Rooster in a relationship, it is important to value the relationship and avoid any affairs. Both you and your partner should learn to be more forgiving and considerate. For single Roosters, 2012 is a great year to get married.

Methods of improving the relationship: Female Rooster should wear red triangular items and male Rooster should wear blue long accessories.

Rooster expects to make great fortune and achieve great success in 2012. It is important to get prepared if you wish to change your job, change your profession, or start your own business. Control your emotions and do not get involved in alcohol or prostitution.

January 31th, 1957 . February 17th, 1958: You will make good progress on your business. It is a good time to increase your investment. Watch out for any lung problems.

February 17th, 1969 . February 5th, 1970: 2012 is a good year to explore new projects, make investments, start a business or build a new office. Avoid entering into a business partnership with others. Keep a balanced lifestyle.

February 5th, 1981 . January 24th, 1982: You will make progress on your work, life and finance in 2012. For married Rooster do not get yourself involved in any extra-marital affairs. You expect to be in good health.

January 23rd, 1993 . February 9th, 1994: You expect to perform well in school. But you may expect to face competition. For female Rooster, do not get deceived by others' words easily.

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