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The Horse 2012

Overall Fortune
In 2012 with the help from important people Horse expects to receive promotion and win great fortune and fame. You will make great progress in your career or business. Try to avoid disputes with officials and avoid gossiping especially at work. Be cautious and considerate.

Money Management and Investment
You may get involved in financial disputes with others in 2012. But you will receive help when you are in difficulties. Be careful when you sign a contract in business. Your financial status will be improved if managed carefully.

Methods of improving your fortune: Put a crystal or white items in your room or office.

Relationship and Marriage
For single Horses 2012 is a great year to meet new people, especially for female Horses. You need to take the initiative if required in order not to miss out on opportunities. For married Horses, 2012 is a good year to have children. Be wary of any extra-marital affairs.

Methods of improving the relationship: For female Horses wear black and wave shaped accessories; for male Horses wear white and round accessories.

You will be greatly appreciated by your boss in 2012. Thanks to the help from others you will further progress in your career and business. Stay calm when you face any difficulties. Do not get yourself involved in drinking or prostitution.

February 3th, 1954 . January 23rd, 1955: You should be full of confidence and strive for further progress on whatever you do. Watch out for any lung problems.

January 21st, 1966 . February 8th, 1967: Your financial status will improve but do not try to make money through dishonest channels. Be discreet when making investment. Do not get involved with prostitutes. Watch out for lung or intestine problems.

February 7th, 1978 . January 27th, 1979: Your industriousness will pay off in 2012. You can try to start up a new business, build a manufacturing site and make sound investments. Do not get yourselves into unhealthy entertaining places. Keep a balanced diet and avoid over-eating.

January 27th, 1990- February 14th, 1991: Overall you expect to have a smooth year in 2012. You will perform well in whatever you do. At work you can expect to face competition in 2012. Watch out for your expense otherwise you will not be able to save any money. Avoid lending money if possible. For single Horses you will have great opportunities to meet someone you like. Overall 2012 is full of opportunities and competitions. Be confident and your will achieve great success.

February 12th, 2002- January 30th , 2003: You will be able to take advantage of your intelligence and knowledge and make great progress in 2012. Try not to get too conceited.

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