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The Rabbit 2012

Overall Fortune
Thanks to the help from others you expect to make a break through on your work and business. 2012 is a good year for Rabbit to invest or increase the scale of the business. For Rabbit working in the office you should try to demonstrate your ability more in order to get promoted. Pay attention to your physical health. Rest more and exercise more.

Money Management and Investment
Rabbit's financial condition remains stable in 2012. Try to join some charity events where you can. Watch out frauds when you do business with others. Before you sign a contract look it through carefully and consult a professional if possible. Try to take better care of your physical health.

Methods of increasing your fortune: Put a jade or crystal in your room or office. Wear jade if possible.

Relationship and Marriage
For female single Rabbit, it is important to get to know the other person before make commitments. Try to avoid any impulsive decisions. For married Rabbit, try to work with your partner in order to make the family life more interesting.

Methods of improving the relationship: White is female Rabbit's lucky color, wear round accessories if possible; for male rabbit, yellow is the lucky color and wear a peach symbol if possible.

Rabbit expects to have a prosperous year in 2012 in terms of career. You will make progress on both your career and business. On the other hand you will feel more pressure from what you do and therefore it is important to look after your health. Manage your business and work with honesty and patience and you will achieve great success.

January 25th, 1963 . February 12th, 1964: You need to pay attention to your money management, business, family life and your physical health. Try to avoid entering into a business partnership in 2012. Be wary of extra-marital affairs. Watch out for any stomach or liver problems.

February 11th, 1975 . January 30th, 1976: Overall Rabbit will have a smooth year in 2012. With important people's help, you will make great progress on your career, business and personal finance. Be cautious before you make commitments. In terms of relationship, be wary of any extra-marital affairs. For single Rabbits, 2012 is a good year to enter into a relationship.

January 29th, 1987 . February 16th, 1988: 2012 expects to be a prosperous year for you. You will achieve great success on whatever you do. Single Rabbits expect to have great opportunities to enter into matrimony. For married Rabbits it is advisable to spend more of your time with your partner.

February 16, 1999 . February 4th, 2000: You expect to face lots of pressure at school. Your study efficiency may decrease due to the pressure. But overall you will be in good health. Watch out for any skin, hands or feet problems.

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