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The Rat 2012

Overall Fortune
Thanks to the influence from Jupiter Rat expects to have a flourishing year in 2012. You will be able to achieve everything you want. In business you will receive assistance from important people and your business will flourish. No matter whether you are in business, in politics or working for others, you will make positive progress in 2012. Try to grasp opportunities when they come up. Watch out for accidents.

Money Management and Investment
Rat's hard work expects to pay off in 2012. You will gain your fortune and receive your promotion through your hard work. Keep up with your work. Avoid gossiping and disputing with officials. Otherwise you may lose your fortune or opportunities.

Method of increasing your fortune: Put a green or red item in your room or office.

Relationship and Marriage
2012 will be a fruitful year for Rat in terms of relationship. For single Rat you should pay attention to the opposite sex around you and take the initiative if the opportunity arises. For married Rat you need to watch out for extra-marital relationships and avoid quarreling with your partner. Try to communicate more, and be more accommodating. Do not sacrifice your family life by having an affair.

Method of improving your relationship: Yellow is good for female Rat; try to wear jade or crystal accessories; red or green is good for male Rat, try to wear a wooden or rectangular item.

You will have a good upturn in your career in 2012. Try to do everything with your best effort and take advantage of every opportunity when it arises. Be daring yet careful and down to details at the same time. You will receive promotion and gain pay rise in 2012.

January 28th, 1960 . February 14th, 1961: With the help from important people, 2012 will be a smooth year for you. Your business, fortune and career will prosper. Watch out your health and try to lead a balanced life style. Learn to relax more. Pay attention to your ears, waist, and bladder problems.

February 15th, 1972 . February 2nd, 1973: Overall you expect to have a prosperous year in 2012. You can try to invest or start your own business. Try to avoid making friends with unworthy people. You may lose your fortune if you are not careful.

February 2nd, 1984 . February 19th, 1985: You need to take advantage of every opportunity in 2012 as they can help you improve your career as well as your finance. You will succeed once you keep your eyes open for opportunities.

February 19th, 1996 . February 6th, 1997: You expect to face lots of pressure in 2012. Try to stay calm and learn to relax. You will perform well in school. For female Rat it is advisable not to fall in love at this stage. Otherwise it will affect your performance in school.

February 7th 2008 . January 25th 2009: You need to watch out for your health. Protect your head. Pay attention to your diet and rest routine. Your emotions expect to go ups and downs in 2012.

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