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The Rat

Rats are charming, elegant and clever. They can be a bit gossipy and prone to being distracted. They’re also thrifty and very good with handling money. Family and close friends are exceptionally important to them. The Rat is charming beyond words and throughout his undoubtedly long life he will always be popular and will have many friends.

Forecast for 2011 The Rat will feel glad in a lot of ways to see the end of the Year of the Tiger! There were a lot of changes and the pace was fast - not something the Rat is entirely comfortable with. The Chinese Year of the Rabbit is the opposite – its tempo will be slow and steady and the Rat must try to be patient and remain content with steady progress throughout 2011. Work will again be highlighted but this time the Rat’s experience and knowledge will be called upon, helping him to advance quite nicely in his career. April, October and November are well-starred for this. On the love and romance side of life, there could be cause for celebration during the year in the form of an engagement, wedding or birth. July, August and December and January will be particularly special months. An important aspect of 2011 for the Rat is time for personal growth, hobbies and developing skills that bring happiness. For any Rats that like to write, this year will see their creativity heightened and whether for pleasure or profit, writing is highlighted in a most positive way. Health wise, the Rat will have felt burnt out sometimes during 2010 and in 2011 his vitality will be improved. He will feel stronger and will also be taking better care of himself, maintaining a good diet and steady exercise routine.

Interesting Rat Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Garnet
Special Flower: Narcissus
Best Hours: 11 pm -1 am
Season: Winter
Horoscope Colors: Black, White, Purple

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